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National Science Foundation CAREER Award: Quantum Dot Cascade Lasers

Development of nansotructure-based mid-infrared sources

  • Intersublevel transitions in self-assembled quantum dots
  • High-density, narrow size distribution InAs QD growth for mid-IR emitters
  • Nanolithographically-defined QDs for detector/emitter structures.

AFOSR Young Investigator Program

Development of plasmonic mid-IR beam steering technologies and active mid-IR plasmonic components for on-chip control of long-wavelength surface excitations.

  • Mid-IR beam steering structures
  • Coupling into subwavelength geometries
    • Epsilon Near Zero metamaterials
    • Novel MIM couplers
    • Antenna coupling
  • Tunable mid-IR plasmonics
  • New materials for mid-IR plasmonics

National Science Foundation: Mid-Infrared Plasmonics for Sensing Applications

Development of mid-IR plasmonic structures and devices for active sensing applications.

  • Demonstration of voltage-control of mid-IR plasmonic structures
  • Novel mechanical/optical devices for enhanced sensing
  • New plasmonic structures for enhance mid-IR light confinement.

Department of Energy, Energy Frontier Research Center: Plasmonic Materials

Development of plasmonic structures for enhanced coupling to and from mid-IR detectors and emitters.

  • Strong coupling between plasmonic resonances and self-assembled QD emitters.
  • Enhanced coupling of light to intersubband transitions in AlGaAs/GaAs quantum wells.

Missile Defense Agency, STTR Program:

Tunable metamaterial filters


Air Force Research Lab , STTR Program:  Tunable mid-IR filter structures

Tunable mid-IR plasmonic filters

Previous Projects/Funding Sources

  • Air Force Research Lab: Mid-IR Plasmonic Beam Steering
  • Air Force Research Lab: Development of nBn detectors
  • Alloy Surfaces Inc.: Selectrive Thermal Emission from Patterned Steel Surfaces
  • Sandia National Labs: Characterization of Mid-IR Metamaterials
  • Sandia National Labs: Mid-IR Quantum Dot Emitters in Planar Photonic Crystal Cavities